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Time and trials, measured in miles. [07 Sep 2004|04:52pm]
Owing to yet more unremitting e-mails, badgering me about not updating this.. (And the specific berating from Lora) I've decided to utilize this entry as a facilitator, which purges anything susceptible to negativity. Piecing apart the passage of time, it's been almost one camouflaged year... since I started maneuvering from coast-to-coast; indistinct, illusive and insubordinate. In many ways, a year ago - I was standing on the penultimate burning bridge... processing my own tenets, yet - soaking in gasoline and consuming lighters.

As some of you may be aware, within this paper-chase and streamlined framework, I've lucratively achieved high percentiles, in my Harvard Law School (LSAT) application; thus, have the opportunities to initiate an academic, legal vocation at the prestigious establishment. The former, pooled with the immeasurable success of the Flawed Perfection potential debut (unequivocal minutiae are on the site), has really left things to a 'swim, or sink' scenario.

The past few months has encompassed jaunts to the US; primarily New Orleans and New York. Prior to any other concepts; you – "the Eyeliner Girl" ;) … the Warped Tour '04, intense intoxication and the blurred ruminations of passing out, in bars and bedrooms of The French Quarter has clobbered me into a point of senility. Gratitude to those who've made this feasible – you guys know who you are. The future: Life and its poor job as far as long-term plans go; I leave for Europe in mid-September 'til the few weeks piloting up to Christmas.

On a more non-pretentious note, it's obsequious to see the majority of you people, (that I was once acquainted with) still struggling to puzzle and piece out a paradigm and dogma; a bastion of online-society that shunned you a very, very long time ago. Never, ever, rely on a system or segment of the public that requires altruism from people - it's flat out stupid to do so. The only thing that comforts me, is knowing that you people will never be happy.

Lora: We'll forever have this autograph deal, providing you only vote Democrats. =)
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[21 Jun 2004|07:38pm]
Before you idiomatic female-sewer-vermin persist with snide and snotty peanut-gallery comments, I'd like to unveil the fact that your concerted efforts make me conceptualize giving birth – in absolute awe of your 'female' personas. I strongly propose that you grasp a basic, rudimentary understanding of a situation, before you mass-email me with that black and white morality manoeuvring.

I'm sure you think that your unhindered and incessant bitching; inquiring with regards to my "internet past" is up with those prominent challenges ... like working how to zip your fly, without getting your dick caught.

Those are the exact mindsets that make me sick ... you sit there and say: "she's snivelling in oceans of self-pity!" Well, I'm glad you're confident enough to confide in someone; who's not only deceptive, but simultaneously attempts to assemble a versatile domicile of contradictions, thatched and patched together with bullshit. It's logical for a dog not to piss on a fence, especially if there's a danger of being electrocuted.

I've always strived to be the type of person who ties the rope and kicks the chair. If someone's destined to be left hanging there – that's not my problem. Save yourself the effort of trying to negotiate with me.

[08 Oct 2003|01:59am]
This journal is and indeed, always has been predominantly private; there are few 'friends' listed and it will indubitably remain this way. Its main objective is to sustain my clandestine requirements, as far as "blogging" goes.

Arbitrary dichotomy, of the one and the many; time is bifurcation all the way. Any postings (which are visible to the public) will purely be based on fastidious screening. For the monolithically dull-witted; conceiving invigorating ambiences of stupidity is unproductive - don't append me to your listings.

If you're the desperate individual that's crutching on manipulation, embittered in a struggle, a vain attempt to achieve some kind of success in the final bastion of society that hasn't yet shunned you already - execute those rhetorical excesses elsewhere.

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